Arena or Speedo?

Arena or Speedo?

Arena or Speedo? This an ongoing argument and one we’re sure will never be settled. Are you a Speedo or Arena fan… or is there another different brand that takes yours fancy? In this blog we are going to look at what is great about the different suits.

Speedo - LZR Racer Elite 2. This is probably their most popular suit at present, which is surprising as it has been out now for many years. The LZR 2 provides a light feel, compared to the other brands out there the speedo suit feels very light and very flexible which some people love. There is also a high waisted option which is a very good idea and adds another element of personal preference to the suit.

Arena - Arena’s most popular suit is definitely the Carbon Flex. The swimmer who has really raised the profile of this suit is of course Adam Peaty. He even now has his own branded edition of the suit. This edition of the Carbon Family provides a tight compact feel to them. Used mainly for the sprint events the carbon flex is gives the explosive power off the blocks needed for the shorter of the swimming events.

The other main brands currently floating around is Adidas, Blueseventy, the now Michael Phelps branded Aqua Sphere and all the way from Japan, Mizuno, most notably worn by World Championship 2017 superstar, Caleb Dressel.

With a racing suit this is very much down to personal preference and whatever you think works best for you. Once you have found your preferred suit, you will then most probably stand by it to the death!

What is your favourite suit? Let us know what your preference is on our social media pages or in the comments below.

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