Do 'Pump up' Songs Really Help?

Do 'Pump up' Songs Really Help?

Everyone has a pump-up song they like to listen to before they race or train… right?

Many athletes have a song they love blasting in their headphones before a big race, training session or heavy lift. When it comes to pre-race music there are many different approaches, an upbeat tune to make you dance around or the dark rap approach to get that aggressive fire out. We find a good pump song is great way to get you fired up and ready to swim fast.

There are the classics such as “Eye of the Tiger” and “This Is How We Do It” but what are the modern day pump up songs?

Some of our ambassador, Edward Baxter’s favourite pump up songs are…

  1. Back to Back – Drake
  2. Straight Raw – K2
  3. Hoods Hottest – Jaykae
  4. First Things First – Stormzy
  5. Champions League – Krept and Konan

Let us know what your favourite pump up songs are on our social pages and comment below!

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