Motivation tips, is there a set way to do it?

Motivation tips, is there a set way to do it?

What do you do to get motivated? Is there a set way to do it?

In a word…no. However here are several tips and ideas that you can use to help. 

Motivation may be easy on the day of a big swim but in the daily grind it can be very hard to come by, especially if the end goal seems distant. That's why we listed our favourite ways to get motivated to get going in the pool, the gym and at work!


One sure fire way to get yourself motivated is to listen to some upbeat music, it can turn a bit of a rubbish day into something completely different, all you have to do is choose the right style music for you! Always try and listen to some music to get you going right before a race, as this will likely get you in the zone and ready to race! Also use music to help motivate you on your day to day tasks. Comment below your favourite tunes to get you going.

Michael Phelps Motivation Music

Watch motivational videos   

These are always a favourite, although sometimes a bit of excuse for procrastination… Our favourite two videos for swimming are here… When you watch videos though you must be prepared to act upon it!


Set yourself achievable goals

Goals are important, because if you don't have goals what are you aiming for? Set yourself bitesized goals which you can chip away at and see progress, if you set goals that are too unachievable you will lose motivation as they are too hard.

Smart Goals

Eat well and sleep well

This one seems strange but what you put into your body can massively effect your mental state of mind. Try to eat as clean as possible with the very occasional treat to keep yourself going. Sleep is also very important to re-set your mind and to help you to attack your goals and achieve them. If you don't do these simple things it can be very hard to motivate yourself to keep going.

Clean Eating

Don’t compare yourself to others

This can be one of the worst thing you can do, especially if you do it a lot. Sometimes it can be good to point out where you may be going wrong, however you can easily de-motivate yourself by comparing to others. Focus on your weak points and improve them bit by bit to help you get closer to your goals (smart goals). Keep working on your goals and people will be comparing themselves to you and not the other way around!

Phelps and Le Clos 200m Butterfly Rio Olympics

There are countless other ways which you can motivate yourself, whats your favourite method of motivation? Comment below! 

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