What keeps you motivated when you’ve won everything?

What keeps you motivated when you’ve won everything?

What keeps you going when you’ve won everything there is to win? Adam Peaty has won every title there is to win in our sport including National, Commonwealth, European, World and Olympic Titles. We have compiled a list of what might keep him motivated and making him want to race.

  • WINNING! Everyone in competitive sport loves to win but from watching Adam Peaty since his breakthrough in 2014 it is very clear he has an addiction to winning!Adam Peaty Motivation - Tiide
  • The physique. Adam Peaty is known as one of the swimmers in best physical shape and losing that really wouldn’t feel nice.
  • As a fulltime athlete Peaty’s swimming is his living. His sponsorship with Arena and Visa will provide his salary that he would be earning in a day to day job and his bonus prize money and such like won’t be hard to accept. Judging from Peaty’s love of cars and high-end fashion, he can’t be doing too bad for himself.
  • The love for the game. Every world class athlete loves to push themselves in training and Adam Peaty is no different. In interviews Peaty mentions how he loves pushing his body past its limits and seeing what he can really do.
  • “The greatest of all time” Many people dream of being an Olympian or even an Olympic medallist. Peaty seems want to not only break world records for fun but he has also been very verbal about wanting to be the best Breaststroker of all time Kosuke Kitajima won the 100 and 200 Breaststroke at the 2004 Olympics as well as the 2008. No on has ever won 3 of either of the breakstroke events at 3 different Olympics with Michael Phelps being the only man in history to win 4 Olympic titles in the same event at 4 different games.Michael Phelps Gold medal motivation - Tiide swimming

Do you think Peaty can rival Kitajima’s record or even match Phelps’? Let us know on Instagram at @tiideswim.

How do you keep motivated? Let us know your tips for keeping yourself going.

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